Victoria Maria Moyer

Facilitating Creative Journeys

I would give all metaphors

in return for one word

drawn out of my breast like a rib

for one word
contained within the boundaries

of my skin

but apparently this is not possible

and just to say—I love

I run around like mad
picking up handfuls of birds
and my tenderness
which after all is not made of water
asks the water for a face

-(Zbigniew Herbert, trans. Czeslaw Milosz)

I’m Victoria.

For now, this page is where I house various bits and pieces of things I do or have done.

Some of my playwriting projects may be found here.

I have frequently worked as a theatre educator, providing a space for young people as well as adults to explore their artistic perspectives.

I am also a certified Hypnotherapist through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. I offer individual and group sessions. Most recently, I facilitated free Saturday workshops at the Ahimsa House in Philadelphia.

In the past year I’ve also started playing harp; I sometimes post improvisational songs here.



Butoh Body Practice Group

Times: Saturdays June 23-Sept. 15, 6:30-8:30 pm

Location: Ahimsa House in West Philadelphia

DescriptionThis will be a facilitated space to explore psychosomatic exercises, Butoh movement research, paratheatrical improvisation, emotional archaeology, resonance, non-objectification, and tension between solitude and community. 

"Butoh dance, the avant-garde dance originated by Tatsumi Hijikata in 1950s in Japan, is not only a performing art but also a way to explore the relationships of mind and body from the viewpoint of somatic psychology. One of the key words for understanding Butoh is the Butoh body, "butoh-tai" in Japanese, meaning a physical and mental attitude so as to integrate the dichotomized elements such as consciousness vs. unconsciousness, and subject vs. object." (Toshiharu Kasai) 

Paratheatre was the name for experiments led by the Polish theatre director Jerzy Grotowski. An overall intention was "revelation of a secular mystery...a communal and collective creation that transform[s] its participants and reorder[s] their lives." 

Each week we'll explore new exercises from Butoh, Noguchi Taiso, meditation, drama therapy, improvisation, and paratheatre: sometimes we may use partner work or go outside to practice. Suggestions/proposals for things to try are welcome/encouraged. 

Group events, workshops, and forums are wonderful ways to allow for a dynamic meeting of minds and hearts. If you are interested in collaborating on a project, I look forward to hearing from you! 


  Shauna dancing with her neural pathways

Shauna dancing with her neural pathways

Please contact me if you'd like to download a free recording of the guided trance meditation I led focusing on opening up into your personal wellspring of creativity. 

Come you lost Atoms to your Centre draw;

And be the Eternal Mirror that you saw.

     -Farid Ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds