Victoria Maria Moyer

Facilitating Creative Journeys

I’m Victoria.

For now, this page is where I house various bits and pieces of things I do or have done.

Some of my playwriting projects may be found here.

I have frequently worked as an arts educator/facilitator, providing a space for young people as well as adults to explore intersections between presence, nature, movement, language, performance, relationship, and creativity.

I’m certified as a hypnotherapist and, given that the subconscious is essentially the body, I weave into this practice a focus on somatic unfolding processes. My current views of healing are aligned with process-oriented psychology, polyvagal theory, and a mind-body-ecology/space/landscape framework.

Butoh has been a foundational practice and inspiration for me, though I would equally say that practices such as Contemplative Dance and deepening relationship with non-human life informs my movement approach. If you are local to Philadelphia, PA and have a desire to explore Butoh-inspired movement approaches, see flier here and e-mail to get connected.

In the past year or two I’ve started learning to play harp; I sometimes post improvisational songs here.

Another branch of my work in the world focuses on building symbiotic relationships with nature—the Earth’s biosphere and beyond. So far this takes the shape of foraging, gardening, and integrating arts/nature classes. I am eager to learn more and go deeper.


…“to put it another way
I would give all metaphors

in return for one word
drawn out of my breast like a rib
for one word
contained within the boundaries
of my skin
but apparently this is not possible
and just to say—I love

I run around like mad
picking up handfuls of birds
and my tenderness
which after all is not made of water
asks the water for a face…”
(Zbigniew Herbert)


NOVEMBER 1-2, 2019: Butoh Next Symposium & Performance at Flowers Gallery—NYC

I am looking forward to exploring the embodied transitions between witness and performer during “Butoh Landscape: Dancing on the Edge” by Maureen Momo Freehill as part of the closing of Aleah Chapin’s art exhibit: Click this link or this link for more details to attend. I will also perform in the Butoh Cabaret Friday night (again with Maureen Momo Freehill) as part of the Butoh Next Symposium -…/b…/butoh-next-performance-10-x-10/. Even if you don't come to these performances, be sure to check out all the other great conference events and talks…/butoh-…/butoh-conference/schedule/

AUGUST 29-SEPT 2, 2019: New Moon Mycology Summit

I will be facilitating movement & creative play workshops for young people at the New Moon Mycology Summit. This year’s family-friendly summit is held in Thurman, NY. Registration and Info below!

SUMMER 2019 and beyond

A new ongoing collective/project in Philadelphia. E-mail to get onto the digital mailing list.

I will be facilitating outdoor butoh-based workshops through July/Aug. 2019, focused on group improvisation techniques.

photo of butoh flier.png

JUNE 2019

A 10-minute excerpt from new piece Plenum Chamber will premiere in Baltimore at the Black Cherry Puppet Theater on June 1, 2019. We will present the full version on June 22&23 at Panorama Space in Philly. Links below!

I am collaborating with Jeff Giarrusso to design, create, write, and perform the piece, which will draw on puppetry, clowning, butoh dance, and more.




My play Metta Physics, or The Great Flash was selected as a top 25 finalist in the ScreenCraft 2018 Stage Play Competition!

_ _ _ _ _

***UPCOMING FILM SCREENING***: GAME OVER, a short film I co-wrote, was selected to screen in the The Big Bloody Apple: Women in Horror Month Event!

WHEN: Thursday, Feb 21st, 7 pm

LOCATION: Stone Creek Bar and Lounge

140 East 27th Street (2nd/3rd) - New York NY 

OCTOBER 2018 :

Victoria & Sneff perform at the Old City Festival in Philadelphia on Oct. 7th. We will be experimenting and improvising in the worlds of Butoh and Clowning.


Victoria participated in the 2018 Women's Weekend Film Challenge as a screenwriter. The team created a horror-inspired short film titled “Game Over” which screened on Sept. 29 at Anthology Films Archive in NYC. Stay tuned for future screenings!

SUMMER 2018:


June 16 and 23 @ 2pm
Philly Improv Theater, 2nd Stage, 2030 Sansom St.

Created by Victoria Moyer and Katharina Schmidt
Live Performance by Katharina Schmidt
Video and Directing by Victoria Moyer
Inspiration and Interjection by Benjamin Bennett and the World Wide Web

(Part of the Solow Festival in Philadelphia) 

WARNING: This show is an experiment in technological clowning and may incorporate strange & improvisational participation with you and your phones.

Kasparhauser2.0, a nobody raised by Père Youtube, wants to be someone like somebody else was once. Please help Kasparhauser2.0 by subscribing to this page and leaving a comment about your favorite part or leaving a comment. #wittgenstein #handke #emojiculture #digitalmediation#sometatheatrical #workout #likeforlike #realcarrotfacts #whatacreep#bodysintrouble #iloveyourvideos #dontyouhavebetterthingstodo#sittingandsmiling #sittingandwalking #textingandtrying #failingandemailing#dudeareyouOKtho#2millionviews#inheritsscrapsofinformationchanneledoutdailybythemediaorbanaleverydaydiscourseandreproducesthemashisownrealitywhichisnothingelsethanareproductionofareproductionadinfinitum #hahahaha

Suggested Ticket Price $8, but pay what you can!

Get tickets here! (No fees!)

_ _


  • Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Fundraiser, Friday, June 29 6:30 pm Caldwell Consistory, 150 Market St. Bloomsburg, PA 17859. Tickets here.

  • Presenting "52:15," at this year's Capital Fringe in Washington, DC @ TURQUOISE - Blind Whino SW Arts Club, at the following dates/times: 7/24 @ 5:00 PM, 7/25 @ 6:15 PM, 7/27 @ 7:15 PM, 7/28 @ 2:00 PM, and 7/29 @ 11:00 AM





Upcoming "Movies for Mental Health" Workshops on College Campuses (see for more information!)

New York University: Feb. 15,  2018 5:30-7:30 PM

St. Thomas Aquinas College: Feb. 21, 2018 7:30-9:30 PM

Bucknell University: Feb. 29, 2018 6-8 PM

Nazareth College: April 5, 2018



Friday December 22nd, 2017 at Space 2033, Philadelphia PA

Guided Movement for Women and Red Tent Temple

Victoria will guide movement from 5:30-7pm, after which the sacred space of the Red Tent Temple will be open for gathering, relaxation & restoration from 7-9pm. 
(*A Red Tent Temple is a sacred space to rest and be, for all women. For more details on what a Red Tent Temple is, contact Space 2033.) 

Victoria will use blended practices from hypnotherapy, butoh dance, and somatics to lead a gentle embodied investigation into the subconscious realms. Through subtle physical exercises aligned with energetics and visualization, you will be free to release deeply into your inner world and tune into the mysterious language of your body and spirit. Butoh is sometimes called “The Dance of Darkness,” and in honor of the Winter Solstice, we will have the opportunity to connect to our intuitive energetic or physical womb-space and inner wise feeling nature, and explore the play between unmanifested darkness and birth/creation/light. In this guided Therapeutic Trance Dance/Movement, you can expect to move and be moved, to release, and to deeply connect with your body and spirit. 



July 8, 2017

Tustin Blackbox Studio at Bucknell University

 The 100th Monkey Theatre Ensemble will present a showing of 52:15, an original work created during their weeklong theatre intensive.



MAY 12, 2017 3pm-8pm: INTEGRATED BODY & MIND HEALING Community Workshop

in Fuhais, Jordan

Part 1: Thai Massage with Julia Ivanova 

Break for vegetarian meal & tea on the farm 

Part 2: Past Life Exploration with Victoria Moyer

Facebook or e-mail for more information



APRIL 30, 2017

"Lovestuck" to screen at Screenings at Sonorous in Raleigh, NC, which will be held on Sunday, April 30, at 7 p.m.

MARCH 19, 2017

Short film "Lovestuck," written by Katrina Medoff and starring Katrina Medoff and Victoria Moyer premieres at the Queens World Film Festival in Astoria, Queens! "Lovestuck" will be screened in the Queens Corner film block in the Redstone Theater at the Museum of the Moving Image at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 19.


AUGUST 5th, 2016:

The Myth Project: artist retreat & developing devised work around the “Wild Woman” Archetype, 7/25-8/5 2016, with invited informal showing of work on 8/5/16,  near Lewisburg, PA (address details forthcoming) 



MAY  9TH, 2015: MindMoves Trance/Sound/Creativity


435 W 22ND ST, NY, NY

Brief description: MindMoves is the first performance and collaborative workshop experience in a forum series exploring the intersections between Trance, Sound, and Creativity. The evening begins with a short performance illustrating the dynamic mind-body processes involved in hypnotherapy, followed by guided group trance meditations including a Past Life Regression experience. Collaborators include a trio of artist-hypnotherapists: Victoria Moyer, Shauna Cummins, and Daniel Ryan. 

Check out the Facebook event for more detailed information.



Come you lost Atoms to your Centre draw;

And be the Eternal Mirror that you saw.

     -Farid Ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds