Victoria Maria Moyer

Facilitating Creative Journeys

I’m Victoria.

For now, this page is where I house various bits and pieces of things I do or have done.

Some of my playwriting projects may be found here.

I have frequently worked as an arts educator/facilitator, providing a space for young people as well as adults to explore intersections between presence, nature, movement, language, performance, relationship, and creativity.

I’m certified as a hypnotherapist and, given that the subconscious is essentially the body, I weave into this practice a focus on somatic unfolding processes. My current views of healing are aligned with process-oriented psychology, polyvagal theory, and a mind-body-ecology/space/landscape framework.

Butoh has been a foundational practice and inspiration for me, though I would equally say that practices such as Contemplative Dance and deepening relationship with non-human life informs my movement approach. If you are local to Philadelphia, PA and have a desire to explore Butoh-inspired movement approaches, see flier here and e-mail to get connected.

In the past year or two I’ve started learning to play harp; I sometimes post improvisational songs here.

Another branch of my work in the world focuses on building symbiotic relationships with nature—the Earth’s biosphere and beyond. So far this takes the shape of foraging, gardening, and integrating arts/nature classes. I am eager to learn more and go deeper.


…“to put it another way
I would give all metaphors

in return for one word
drawn out of my breast like a rib
for one word
contained within the boundaries
of my skin
but apparently this is not possible
and just to say—I love

I run around like mad
picking up handfuls of birds
and my tenderness
which after all is not made of water
asks the water for a face…”
(Zbigniew Herbert)


Hypnosis is a naturally occurring trance state of mind characterized by focused relaxation. In hypnosis, your brainwave pattern slows down, comparable to what happens during the meditative state and also the hypnagogic state before falling asleep.

This is a super-learning state, during which time your unconscious absorbs information on a much quicker, deeper, and more effective level than is possible during normal waking consciousness. In this state, barriers between the conscious, unconscious/subconscious, and super-conscious are much more fluid, so that aspects of a problem that exist outside the realm of normal awareness can come to light and truly change. 

Milton Erickson, a pioneer in the field of hypnotherapy, said that hypnosis is a “special psychological state which effects a break in the patient’s consciousness and habitual associations so that creative learning can take place.”

In other words, old mental patterns must be broken in order to make space for the new information. Altered states of consciousness, such as hypnosis, are what shake up those patterns to make space for authentic insight and change. Hypnotherapy is the intentional use of this special psychological state combined with other tools of the mind for therapeutic transformation. 


Rooted Change. 

                A powerful combination of hypnosis with drama therapy and movement therapy. 

  Bringing the conceptual potential future into the now, through your body. 

                                 An alternative when traditional talk therapy isn't enough alone or isn't for you in general. 

  Readiness for surprise. 

               Readiness to shake up your neural pathways and muscle memories, to shake and wake into you

                                                        When you're ready to be creative about your own healing. 

        Wakeful trance; deeply intuitive therapy for the integral bodymindspirit system.


I come from a background in artistic practices and apply this creativity and research in the "flow" state of existing to my healing work. After experimenting myself with various forms of therapy, both subtle and intense, traditional and fringe, noticing what did and didn't work,  I noticed that embodied presence was the necessary ingredient for transformation.  I cite my experiences in Butoh dance as an especially powerful way to research how the bodymindspirit undergoes trance-formation, and I carry all of these learnings into my work.

All healing that will take place is generated by your own dedication to inner work. Perhaps I'm more of a gentle guide, facilitator, architect. 

I completed my official hypnotherapy training with Kristin Prevallet in NYC and am certified through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. I've also trained with Mark Tyrell in the Precision Hypnosis Course and have studied Reiki energy healing with Erika Spring and Jessica Rose Booth. I find it important to approach this work from many angles, weaving into my practice ongoing information from diverse fields such as trauma-sensitive drama therapy and dance therapy, meditation practices, yoga, psychology, neuroscience, biology, linguistics, eco-psychology, poetry, sound healing, modern and ancient philosophy. 

Come you lost Atoms to your Centre draw;

And be the Eternal Mirror that you saw.

     -Farid Ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds